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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Carpeting that can provide some cushioning but also stand the test of time and weather is a great option for various uses in your home. Ask a carpet expert at Competitive Commercial Carpet today for information on indoor/outdoor (I/O) commercial carpeting, and how it can add slip-proof safety and low maintenance to your home.


What is Indoor/Outdoor Carpet?

Indoor/outdoor commercial carpet is a special carpet made to be used outdoors and survive the abuse of the various types of weather. It is typically not as comfortable as carpets you would imagine for indoors, although there are plenty of options for using indoor/outdoor carpeting inside. Popular styles of indoor/outdoor carpeting used in the past were similar to Astroturf, both rubbery and resembling the texture of grass, but not as soft as real grass. More modern types of indoor/outdoor carpet come in a variety of colors, with the most popular being earth tones that blend well with the outside.

Here at Competitive Commercial Carpet, wecan show you our variety of indoor/outdoor carpet colors to choose from, help with carpet installation, and assist you in deciding the best placement for this type of carpet in your home.

Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors

Indoor/outdoor carpet can be a great option if you’re looking to carpet a porch, sun room, playroom, a changing room for a swimming pool, or a mudroom. Indoor/outdoor carpeting may not look the most luxurious and beautiful, but it can provide maximum durability through various condition, especially excessive water. It can be glued right onto a flat surface like concrete, making it far less expensive than carpeting made strictly for indoors. Other great options for indoor/outdoor carpet include the area right around a pool, carpeting a front walk or deck, or any outdoor area that has a flat, stable surface. As far as indoor use, I/O carpet can be great for a child’s playroom if supreme comfort and good looks fall behind the importance of clean-ability, durability, and play-proof.

Contact a representative at Competitive Commercial Carpet today to ask about indoor/outdoor carpet installation,  commercial carpet prices, as well as tips and suggestions for the unlimited use of I/O carpeting.

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Style: 2808

Retail Price: $93.06

Your Price: $33.52 / sq yard

Your Price: $3.72 / sq foot

(Plus Shipping)

Width: 2x2 Tile


Description: Construction: Needlebond HobnailProduct Type: ModularFiber: PolyesterBacking: EcoWorx TileDye Method: 100% Solution DyedTufted Yarn Weight: 49.3Warranty: Lifetime Commercial LimitedCollection: Foot in the Door II

10 Colors Available

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