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Commercial Carpet up to 80% off Retail !

Commercial Carpets & Carpet Tile - Competitive Commercial Carpet in Dalton, GA specializes in securing excess inventory, overruns, discontinued as well as current commercial carpet lines,  commercial carpet squares & carpet tile. We partner with all the big commercial carpet mills in the industry. Carpet mills selling commercial carpets & flooring don’t want excess inventory tying up warehouse space and money. Competitive Commercial Carpet of Dalton buys up the best of these first run of commercial carpet bargains and offers the savings to you!

Your source for wholesale Commercial Carpeting.

We offer a wide selection of commercial carpet styles at discounted prices. We are happy to answer any questions & send any commercial carpet samples, We recommend a minimum of 12 Samples - Please call us at 1-706-526-4800. Competitive Commercial Carpet is located in Dalton, GA.

Tips for Buying Commercial Carpeting.

We are here to help with all your commercial carpeting needs. Please note that monitor differences may cause the carpet colors you see not be exact. We are happy to send carpet samples so you can see the actual carpeting style and color for your commercial carpeting project. Feel free to begin browsing our huge Commercial Carpet inventory and simply select “Send Samples/Quote”; within a couple days you will be holding actual carpet samples to complete your commercial carpeting project.


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What is the Right Amount of Carpet?

Before purchasing your commercial carpet, it is important to know the dimensions of the area, extending into the doorways. It is recommended that you "round up" to feet so that you aren't short. If the region is asymmetrical, segregate it into square or rectangle patterns. Then determine each spot and add all the squares together for the entire number.

To figure how much carpet you will need for stairs, measure the width of the stair and multiply the width by 1.5 to get the square footage per step. Then multiply the total number of steps by the square footage per step. Once you have the total number, it is advisable to add 10% to allow for waste.

To estimate the total cost for your carpet, multiply the total number of sq. ft. (remember to add the 10% for waste) by the carpet price per square foot.
It is also recommended to get Your Carpet installed by a Professional.

Once your carpet has been measured and purchased, carpet installation is the most vital part of the task. If the carpet is installed inadequetly, there is the potential for the carpet's durability to be questionable at best. Therefore it is beneficial, to get your carpet installed by a professional so you can enjoy the years of comfort, beauty and dependability.


Commercial Carpet Tips

Carpet Purchasing Tips

  • A good commercial carpet buying tip to follow is to buy the highest quality, most expensive carpet that your budget will allow. Consider the purchase a necessary investment in the business.
  • If you are selecting commercial carpet for a business that has less traffic and requires visual appeal, you can take those elements into consideration. You will have a wider selection of carpet to choose from if heavy foot traffic is not a big concern.
  • Though high-quality, heavy-duty commercial carpet will be more expensive, keep in mind that it will last longer than inexpensive carpet.
  • When learning how to buy commercial carpet, keep in mind that looks and style are secondary to durability in areas that have heavy traffic and are likely to get soiled.

Carpet Measuring Tips

  • Expect material waste, especially when your room is less than 12 feet (365.76 centimeter) wide.
  • Carpet typically comes 12 feet (365.76 centimeter) wide. Carpet widths may also come in 13.5 (411.48 centimeter) and 15 feet (457.2 centimeter), but these widths are not as common and generally cost more per square yard.
  • Measure the furthest point of any room to the furthest opposite wall.
  • You should measure a room with a closet to the back wall of the closet.   
  • If your room is wider than 12 feet (365.76 centimeter), either purchase a wider width or expect the installer to use seams to join the carpet sections.
  • If your carpet installer's numbers are substantially different from yours, make certain you have the person explain why the measurements are different.

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